Zippo Hand Warmer

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With the weather forcasting a very cold and white winter this year, maybe a gift at Christmas for a Zippo Hand Warmer would be perfect!

There are two versions of the Zippo Hand Warmer, the 6-hour Hand Warmer and the 12-hourHand Warmer. Requiring Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid, both versions are guaranteed for two years and come in a choice of colours.


The 6-Hour Zippo Hand Warmer is available in delightful shades of Pink and Pearl, as well as High-Polish Chrome, and has an RRP of just £20.90. The 12-Hour version is available in Blaze Orange, Non-Reflective Black and High-Polish Chrome, all of which have an RRP of £22.90 each, as well as Real Tree AP, which is priced at £34.36 (RRP).

Having tried and tested the Zippo Hand Warmer, I can say that these fantastic hand warmers do exactly what their name promises, namely keep your hands nice and toasty. I suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon which means that my hands are usually always cold, especially coming into the colder months. I know that I will always carry my Zippo Hand Warmer in my handbag from now on!! It is perfect for keeping your hands warm while out on long winter walks or when working outdoors or other cold environments; when waiting for buses or trains on drafty, cold stations, or indeed any other situations or places where you are likey to get uncomfortably cold. The Zippo Hand Warmer is a gift that is well worth its price and will be received with heart-warming gratitude.

The ideal gift for both male and female loved ones this Christmas, the Zippo Hand Warmers are available directly from Zippo.