Aabelard aprons

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Whether you like to cook up a storm in the kitchen, work those green fingers in the garden or create an artistic masterpiece, an apron from Aabelard aprons will make a great gift for men or women this Christmas. These aprons are beautiful, stylish and ooze quality!

Aabelard aprons are hand-sewn in Britain, using waxed cotton, double-faced, soft, Italian leather, and are completed with beautiful brass buckles. The fabric it hard wearing and is made to suit the toughest rigors of outdoor life. Aabelard aprons are wipe clean and made to last – they are re-waxable and will age beautifully and can be passed down the generations.

Philippa Hayward, the founder of Aabelard aprons states –

‘I wanted to create something that could be worn by anyone and everyone, whether you’re cooking up a family feast, feeding the chickens, painting a room, or a masterpiece. I now have everyone from gardeners to tattoo artists as customers. These are aprons for men and women who are looking for more.  More from life, more from their hobbies, more from doing what they love to do.’

There are 2 Aprons available, and each apron can be hand de-bossed on the leather trim, to personalise it, making them ideal as a personalised gift.

The Heritage Apron (£75)

A traditionally styled apron which looks casual but smart. It features extra-deep, wrap-around pockets, strengthened with antiqued brass rivets. This apron will suit all sizes  and can be easily tied at the back or brought around to the front. An adjustable leather neck strap has a Sam Browne stud enabling three different strap adjustments. The Heritage Apron is heavyweight, durable and available in seven colours (navy, teal, charcoal, merlot, cranberry, cornflower, and parsley).

The Atelier Apron (£85)

This apron features a cross-back strap, adding to its style and luxurious look.  The long caramel leather straps are double-faced, stretching down over the shoulders and back, ensuring the upmost comfort. This apron is ideal for those who prefer not to have a strap on their neck, those with a larger chest and for those who like lots of freedom of movement. The Atelier Apron is also heavyweight, durable and available in six colours (navy, teal, charcoal, merlot, cornflower, and parsley).

To purchase one of these fine Aprons, please visit www.aabelard.com.