About Time Friends & Family

About Time Friends & Family

Christmas is all about family-get-togethers, games and having fun together. Make this year’s fun and games better than ever with Circa Circa’s fantastic About Time guessing game.

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An ideal Christmas gift to yourself or for dear friends and family members, the About Time Friends & Family Edition takes players on a thrilling time journey, testing their general knowledge, cunning and lateral thinking as they go.

Suitable for players aged 10 to 99 (and over), the game can be played by anything from two to 20 players. Dividing up into teams, players have just one question to answer, namely what year specific iconic events occurred (whoever guesses the closest gets the point).

To make things yet more interesting, there are, however, varying surprises and pitfalls – players may be challenged to duels; they may be held up by sneaky highwaymen or they may even catch the plague.

Game play may last anything between 30 and around 90 minutes and, as every round is played by all players, there is no hanging around for turns, so no-one will get bored or fed up during the course of the game.

About Time Friends & Family comes complete with a sturdy, colourful game board and two packs (classic and expert) of question cards covering six different categories, including the arts, innovation and everyday life; state and nation, heroes and villains and word and thought, as well as:

  • Dice (1)
  • Player pieces (8)
  • Pencils (6)
  • Magnetic cardholder
  • Tokens
  • Time cards
  • 30-second timer
  • Timeline answer sheets (30)
  • Rule book
  • Mini rules (6)

About Time contents

Special edition packs include additional packs of question cards.

About Time Friends & Family is available at an RRP of £29.95 from www.abouttimeboardgame.com; Amazon, Hamleys, John Lewis and Waterstones.

Fast paced, exciting and positively addictive, About Time is a fun-packed, affordable gift for loved ones of all ages and a must-have game for family gatherings this Christmas.

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