Accentuate, a Christmas Party Game to twist Tongues, curl Toes and induce Blushes

Simple, yet incredibly hilarious, the award-winning accent-guessing game Accentuate is a fantastic way of livening up parties and makes an excellent Christmas gift for fun-loving friends and relatives.


The game features 90 cards with famous quotations; 90 accent cards with a total of 30 worldwide accents (including Cockney, Scouse and a whole list of other home-grown British accents); dice and a 30-second timer.

Teams (minimum two players per team) choose a speaker, who then determines how to proceed with the first round by rolling the dice. The dice features four options, namely ‘play’; ‘pass’, ‘pass on’ or ‘all’. Should ‘all’ be rolled, the opposing team automatically gains a point.

Having decided to play, the speaker is then provided with a quotation card and an accent card and has to recite the given quote in the requested accent within 30 seconds (and without giving any other clues as to where the accent may originate from). All teams then get the chance to guess the accent.

As players struggle to create the desired accents and others fail to recognise them, giggles and ridicule abound, and getting accents recognisable becomes increasingly difficult.

Additional life, more fun and the chance for teams to win extra points has been added to this party favourite with the new Film Quote extension pack.

This pack features 90 iconic quotes from films spanning 80 years, including Back to the Future, Casablanca and Ghostbusters; Jaws, Monty Python and The Holy Grail and My Fair Lady; The Devil Wears Prada and The Graduate. Here, teams not only try to guess the accent, but also the film and the release year.

Suitable for players aged 16 and over, Accentuate is priced at £19.99, with the Film Extension pack costing another £8.99. Both are available from John Lewis, and The main game is also available from Amazon.

While some of the accents can be a little obscure and subsequently hard to mimic and guess, the game is ultimately intensely funny. As a whole, this game is definitely a good buy both as a Christmas gift and for your own use. Parties will never be quite the same again.

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