Adnams Jack Brand Beer Box – Best Ales for Father’s Day!

Adnams Jack Brand Beer Box – Best Ales for Father’s Day!

Six bottles of Adnams Jack Brand beer in a presentation box.

There’s a lot of Dads out there who would appreciate a good ale on Father’s Day. To some, it could be their favourite gift (me included). The selection of ales is huge and coincides with a growing popularity for Real Ales.


Adnams are well known for producing quality beers, such as the legendary Broadside. They have come up with a selection box of their three latest brews. The quality of these (or the price) do not disappoint – these could potentially be the best ales for Father’s day!

The presentation box contains 2 bottles of three beers, and costs just £8.99. Here’s a rundown of the delicious three….

Crystal Rye IPA

I don’t mind admitting this was the first I went for. I love a decent IPA and this didn’t disappoint. It’s robust and big on flavour, with citrus and a hint of toffee. The sweetness works brilliantly to subdue the strong hoppiness. A complex IPA which will be enjoyed throughout the Summer months.

Mosaic Pale Ale

Quite similar to the Crystal Rye IPA, but with less of a bold flavour. It still retains a citrus hoppy flavour, but with a little more fruitiness. I really enjoyed this one.

Dry Hopped Lager

This is a new avenue for Adnams, and a welcome one – their first ever lager. The only question here, based on this golden lager, is why did they leave it so long?!!! As with the ales above, there is citrus and hops in evidence, but this is a crisp lager that will be very popular. Easy to drink, with just enough flavour to pack a punch yet not be overpowering. This is how lager should be.

For Dad’s everywhere, this collection of citrus, hoppy wonderfulness is a great gift option. All three scored high – I will be looking out for each of these individual beers from now on.

You can get Dad the beers he deserves HERE.


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