AirMotion Review

AirMotion Review

AirMotion is a multi-use hairbrush boasting a unique Tri-Bristle™ length configuration to make it a stress free detangler. Working on all hair types and in any size hands, it smoothes and straightens while reducing wear and tear.

Stylish, lightweight, non-slip and gentle on both scalp and hair, it’s happy in water, so perfect in the shower. It even helps remove frizz, distribute product and produce sleek up-dos.

A British designed hairbrush with built in AirShock™ absorption technology to provide a contour sensitive brushing experience, AirMotion is the most advanced hairbrush on the market – offering innovative sports inspired technology to give you fit, healthy hair today.

If you really want the best for your hair, with less stress on your scalp, this is most certainly a brush you need to go out and purchase. Certainly a great stocking filler!

You can purchase the AirMotion and check out other products right here


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