AlcoSense Pro – The Gift of Safety

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Don’t drink and drive this Christmas – give the gift of safety with the aid of the AlcoSense Pro!

Obviously, drinking alcohol and driving is a major NO – common sense would tell you that! It’s simple, if you have had a drink you don’t drive. You out yourself at risk, your passengers at risk and also everyone else who’s on the road at risk. Sometimes we might have a small glass of wine with dinner and think that it’s absolutely fine to jump in the car – but really, how do you know for sure? Especially over the festive season, after a Christmas party or Christmas lunch with the family if you have to drive home, how do you know when it’s safe to set off?  Really it would be safer if you just don’t drink any alcohol at all! Even after a night out, did you know that you can still be over the limit the next morning? This is where the AlcoSense Pro comes in!

A fabulous gift of safety to a friend or relative this christmas really is the best gift you can give. This simple, yet very effective mobile phone sized device ‘AlcoSense Pro’ is a breathalyser which will tell you if you are over the limit or not. It offers accuracy, reliability and functionality and is used by many UK police forces. This is one of the most advanced breathalysers on the market with the Sunday Times giving it a 5-star review. Simple to use, this device will provide feedback on how to correct when you blow incorrectly and also estimating the time until you are sober based on your alcohol reading.

Specifications are below –

  • 121mm2 Fuel Cell Sensor – smaller version of Police sensor
  • More than twice as accurate as award winning AlcoSense Elite
  • Time until Sober & Retest alarm
  • Selectable database of all drink drive limits worldwide
  • Blow Coach making it extremely easy to use
  • Winner – 2016 Red Dot Product Design Award
  • Advanced sampling system with temperature compensation – improves accuracy even further as readings are fine-tuned according to temperature.
  • Features a Backlit Mouthpiece Receiver, BlowCoach – live on-screen blowing feedback, Don’t Drive Alert When Close to Limit, Re-Calibration Reminder, Re-Test Alarm, Shows Estimated Time Until Sober, USB Port for Updates & Improvements
  • Also features a full colour 1.8 inch (48mm) TFT screen which gives clear and detailed readings of your alcohol level in your choice of breath (mg/L or µg/100mL) or blood ({beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c}BAC or ‰BAC) readings.
  • If you’re close to or over your chosen limit the Pro will alert you not to drive.
  • The Pro will store 128 test results with both the date and time of the test.
  • There are also over 40 country destination alcohol limits pre-programmed, so that you can use it when driving between Scotland and England or road trips through Europe.

After using the Alcosense Pro, I’ve really had my eyes opened when it comes to driving the morning after! I’m sensible enough to not drink and drive, but driving the morning after is something I’ve never really thought about – until now. After a night with the girls (always quite messy!), I had my two boys to bring rugby training early the next morning. I knew I had over indulged in Prosecco and thought it was a great time to sample the AlcoSense Pro. Oh my, it read high, too high infact and I knew then that I would not set foot into the car – I ended up getting a taxi with my boys to rugby! Now, I will always use this handy little device and have recommended it to all my friends.

The AlcoSense Pro really would make a fantastic gift this Christmas for all who drive. It costs £149.99 and is available from

“This December, have a happy, not a ‘merry’ Christmas on the roads!”