Aldi Mother’s Day Flowers

Aldi Mother's Day Flowers - Bouquet

Aldi Mother’s Day Flowers

If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day flowers for your mum or grandma, you really should consider hopping over to your nearest Aldi store. Here is why.

Aldi Mother’s Day Flowers

Aldi Mother's Day Flowers - BouquetAldi have an extensive selection of stunning Mother’s Day flowers, including bouquests of varying sizes and prices; flower baskets, planters and more. Prices range from £5 to around £25 – and if the baskets I received are anything to go by, they are well worth it!

Aldi Flower Baskets

Aldi Mother's Day Flowers - Gift BasketStanding around 45 cm tall and measuring approximately 25 cm in diameter, these gorgeous white baskets (£9.99) are generously packed with a variety of flowering plants, ivy, succulents and more. Finished perfectly with a pink bow, they are beautiful to behold – and will make your mum feel very special indeed this Mother’s Day. As many of the flowers are still in bud, these baskets will, with a little care (instructions are provided), also last for quite some time.

My Verdict

Aldi Mother's Day Flowers - Mum Rose Tin TrioI can say I was very impressed in two ways: first of all, I expected to be sent just the one sample, but received two of the most beautiful flower baskets I have seen in a long time – thank you Aldi, they made my day! Secondly, both baskets were simply stunning, to say the least. I do believe the only problem you will have with Aldi Mother’s Day flowers is deciding which option to go for – they are all so lovely, you’ll want to buy them all! Very, very highly recommended!

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