The Aloka Horse/Pony SleepyLight

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Kids’ Night Light: The Aloka Horse/Pony SleepyLight

Designed by parents for parents, the gorgeous Aloka Horse/Pony SleepyLight is the perfect low voltage, low heat LED night light parents (and pony-loving kids) have been waiting for.

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The Aloka Horse/Pony SleepyLight comes complete with a remote control that allows you to have the stunning little pony light up in white; any one of 12 beautiful colours or, by using the ‘rainbow’ button, cycle gently through all 12 colours. The dimmer function enables you to select your preferred brightness from four different settings, and there is also a sleep button that automatically dims the light to the ideal brightness for sleeping and turns it off altogether after an hour. Comfortably reading bedtime stories is made possible by this night light’s side-lamp feature, which the SleepyLight’s brightest, pure white light. Available from, the Aloka Horse/Pony SleepyLight night light has an RRP of £39.95.

Stunning to look at; highly functional and reasonably priced, the Aloka Horse/Pony SleepyLight night light is designed to provide kids (and their parents) with a good night’s sleep – and makes an ideal gift for little ones (or their long-suffering mums and dads in need of some peace and quiet) this Christmas.