Alternative gift idea for Christmas – A psychic reading!

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Let’s keep an open mind here, because this would make a truly memorable gift for someone special (or even yourself) this Christmas… How about a psychic reading from one of the UK’s most renowned psychic Readers?

Tony Hyland offers such a service in the form of gift vouchers available as a digital purchase on his website. Readings can be between 20 minutes – 60 minutes over the phone and are reasonably priced.

Tony Hyland has a solid reputation within the psychic industry and is famed for telling it how it is – rather than what someone may want to hear. Honest readings that may help shine a light or reinforce a feeling within.

As well as phone readings, Tony also offers psychic email readings, which would work equally well as a gift idea. The email readings are between 300 – 600 words long and are prepared once some basic information is given (Name, date of birth and a question, or 2 or 3 questions depending on what package is chosen).

Although I had my doubts, and I cannot really disclose the content, my email reading was astonishing. Facts were mentioned that could not have been known and my future path was touched on in a way that un-nerved me a little – there was exactness where there was nothing to go on. Honestly, pretty amazing stuff…

I did a little digging on Tony and was drawn to his own psychic journey as detailed on his About Tony page. I also read his testimonials with interest, there seemed parity there with my own reading experience.

Whatever your thoughts on psychics, I do believe Tony Hyland has an actual talent – one that he actions honestly and accurately. If you are fed up with giving socks, jumpers or novelty Christmas gifts, this could be a really well-received and unusual present this year.