Alusi Candles – Unique and Gorgeous!

Alusi Candles – Unique and Gorgeous!

Alusi Candles are new to the UK market this year and I am delighted to be reviewing them for Gifts 4 You.  They bring the old tradition of candle making into a whole new era.


“By using multi-wick technology, the candles replicate patterns found in nature, combining them with modern art and architecture to create multi-flame designs that truly move. Each collection is its own elegant moving sculpture. At play are light and shadow, shape and silhouette, sensuality and luminosity.”

These will be, without a doubt a fantastic centrepiece on your Christmas dinner table.  It will provide its own light show that you will be captivated in, providing easy entertainment.

The above image is of the Saba (retailing from £10.95).  Its lantern-like shape is compelling; the light emitted leaves the most stunning reflections and shadows within the room.  The petite in this range will burn for up to 7 hours, whereas the grande will burn for up to 13 hours. When the Saba burns a little and reveals the third wick, that is when you must light it, and when your double wicked candle suddenly becomes a dancing trio!!

Any of the Alusi Candles will make a unique and interesting present.  Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and much more, they will be sure to delight and not disappoint! Please visit to find your nearest stockist.

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