Anagranimals, Magical Beasts that make Learning Fun

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Founded by Leith and Heidi Moghli in 2013, Anagranimals introduces children to a gang of six magical beasts designed to spark their imagination; ignite their creativity and generally make learning fun.


The Anagranimals gang consists of six approximately 30 cm tall (packaged) creatures each made up of three different animals’ body parts and includes:

  • Ebenezer, the Ele-Zeb-Zee (featuring body parts of an elephant; a zebra and a chimpanzee)
  • George, the Gir-Osti-Duck (giraffe, ostrich and duck)
  • Heidi, the Hippo-Croco-Puss (hippo, crocodile and cat)
  • Lancelot, the Leo-Tigga-Mur (lion, tiger and lemur)
  • Pedro, the Pig-Orilla-Roo (pig, gorilla and kangaroo)
  • Rocky, the Rhino-Parra-Rog (rhino, parrot and frog)

Each creature’s body parts can be separated and reattached via Velcro, making it possible to swap parts among the gang and create a total of 216 unique and adorable Anagranimal combinations once all beasts have been collected.

How six very plain and ordinary became Anagranimals in the first place is explained in a charmingly narrated and beautifully illustrated first edition book, ‘The Anagranimals and the Wishing Tree’. While the gorgeous beasts are suitable for children from birth upwards, the text of this book is aimed at a reading age of five years and above.

Lovingly crafted by hand from wonderfully soft plush fabric and offering hours of imaginative and interactive play with endless possibilities, Anagranimals meet all Toy Safety Directive and EU (EN710 safety requirements and are hand-hand-washable.


The Anagranimals and the book can be purchased directly from at £19.99 each for the gang members and £7.99 for the book. In addition to being sold individually, Anagranimals are also available in a 2 Toys & Book (£42.99) or 6 Toys & Book (‘The Whole Cabbodle’; £119.99) bundles.

Affordable; educational, gorgeous and incredibly soft, the Anagranimals gang will make outstanding gifts for grandchildren and children; nephews, nieces and any other child you may be buying for this Christmas.