Angela Langford – Thirsty Work

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From the kitchen to skincare, Angela Langford really knows how to do it good! 2014 Masterchef Finalist, Angela Langford has taken her passion for cooking and created a fantastic organic skincare range using the best ingredients nature has to offer. Each of her skincare products are made with love, and will arrive to your door wrapped beautifully adding that extra special personal touch. There are many products available which will suit your skin type, but my top favourite is ‘Thirsty Work’!

Thirsty Work is an ultra-hydrating anti-ageing moisturiser which not only leaves you with the most wonderful feeling but also smells divine. All the ingredients are organic and contain no parabens, making it the ultimate treat for you face, neck and hands.

Angela says –

“A hero product, this is perfect for dry, dehydrated or mature skin. This is your recipe for improved hydration & elasticity.”

This moisturiser is exceedingly rich and nourishing, and will hydrate and quench the thirst of your skin. I’ve been using Thirsty Work for a while now and the difference in my skin is amazing. My dry patches on the side of my face have disappeared and the oiliness by my nose is no more. I really take delight in using this product, it smells so good you could eat it (obviously not advisable!!) and really is a luxury. A small bit goes a long way, so don’t be out of by the 50ml bottle as it really will last ages.

Some of the active organic ingredients used are listed below –

  • Rosehips & raspberries are mixed with chia seeds & argan which are all high in skin loving omega 3 & 6 – together they improve elasticity & protect your skin from future damage.
  • Vitamins A & C are added with antioxidants Q10 & arctic blackcurrant to repel wrinkles & improve the appearance of fine lines.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is added to hydrate your skin – it enables it to hold in moisture, plumping up skin to give it volume & fullness & in turn making it soft & smooth.A
  • A carefully selected blend of beautiful smelling essential oils finishes off this recipe, helping to fight the ageing process & improve your skin’s tone. Mandarin is toning & lifting; frankincense, neroli, sandalwood, black pepper & carrot seed rejuvenate; rosewood heals, whilst palmarosa improves skin tone & appearance.

With winter approaching, central heating indoors can really dry out your skin. I would really recommend Thirsty Work Moisturiser to help keep you skin nourished and healthy looking. It would make an amazing Christmas gift for your any special lady in your life.

Thirsty Work costs £37.50 for a 50ml bottle and is available to buy form HERE. Angela Langford has many other skincare products also available, please visit to see her full range.