‘Arrrrrgh’ Speech Bubble Bulb Sign

‘Arrrrrgh’ Speech Bubble Bulb Sign


If you have a fan of ‘Zap!’, ‘Blam!’ and ‘Kapow!’-style TV comic strips in your family or wish to introduce your kids to the ‘Kaboom!’ heroes of this bygone era, the retro comic strip style ‘Arrrrrgh’ Speech Bubble Bulb Sign by Smithers of Stamford will make the perfect present for them this Christmas.


Perfect for giving kids’ bedrooms and comic strip loving Dad’s or Mum’s favourite room in the house (from offices or studies to workshops; garages, kitchens or even the living room) a fun-filled retro twist, this unique speech bubble light is the perfect gift for anyone (old or young; male or female) who loves their toys. Measuring H 15 cm x W 29 cm x D 5 cm and featuring a metal box surround, the funky ‘Arrrrrgh’ Speech Bubble Bulb Sign is finished to perfection in ‘old-style’, colourful comic strip print. It is available from Smithers of Stamford at an RRP of just £25.

Well made; affordable, fun and functional, the ‘Arrrrrgh’ Speech Bubble Bulb Sign will light up rooms with retro comic style and faces with very happy smiles this Christmas – POW! The perfect Christmas gift for ‘old-time’ comic strip fans of all ages – highly recommended! Visit www.smithersofstamford.com to see what other fabulous products they have!


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