Astral Original

Astral Original

Astral has been with us for over 60 years now, and it is still one of the nation’s favourite ‘one pot wonder cream’s’.  It is such a multi-purpose cream that will help combat a lot of your skin problems and from reading testimonials, it really does work! Astral has many fans, young and old, and even celebrity fans such as of Joanna Lumley and Amanda Holden (who look absolutely fabulous!!); so why not try it for yourself!

Astral new pot 50ml 2

From as young as I can remember, my Nan always had a pot of Astral cream by her bedside. She used it on her face every day, and also on her hands or wherever she had dry skin. She always swore by it, saying it was the one and only cream that she had and will ever use! Is it because of Astral that she always looked 10 years younger? We will never know, but if it was good enough for my Nan, then it’s good enough for us all to use!

The uses of Astral Original are listed below –

  • Great for moisturising your face and body
  • Can be used as a hydrating face mask
  • Helps repair cracked heels
  • Can help preserve a sun tan
  • Removes make-up as a cold cream
  • Great for dry elbows and knees
  • So, what exactly are the main ingredients in Astral that make it work so good?

Astral say –

“The rich, protective formulation of Astral Original cream is the same simple but very effective one it’s always been, with the same main ingredients:

Lanolin is a rich natural moisturiser which binds water to itself, locking moisture in while still allowing the skin to breathe. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and easily absorbed.

Glycerine attracts water into the epidermis, increasing its moisture content. It’s thought of as having a Natural Moisturising Factor for smoother-looking skin.

Together, these renowned moisturisers give your skin the nourishment it needs and help protect it by keeping essential moisture in. You can feel it working hours after you’ve applied it.”

Yes, Astral Original is most definitely one of the best – it’s simple and very effective. Also, Astral is dermatologically tested and is not tested on animals, huge bonus in my eyes! Astral comes in a handy 50ml pot (approx. £0.90) that is perfect for using when abroad or on-the-go. Other sizes are available too, the larger 200ml  and even bigger 500ml pot.

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