Award-Winning -TEN- Skincare Gifts for Mums and Babies

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Effective, yet gentle skincare is important for both mothers and babies, and the award-winning -TEN- range of premium boutique skincare products offers precisely that.

Take the Baby Cleansing Foam (RRP £7.99, 150 ml), for instance. Shortlisted in the Prima Baby Awards 2015, the Cleansing Foam contains extracts of natural chamomile and calendula oil to gently help maintain the moisture balance and protect the natural protective barrier of your baby’s skin. Effective, yet gentle enough for the delicate skin of your little one, the foam’s tiny bubbles, which reach into even the hardest to access little creases to clean up every last bit of mess, can be smoothed into the skin or simply wiped off with a tissue.


Other, equally fantastic products in the -TEN- baby skincare range include the:

  • Gently cleansing, nourishing Baby Natural Shampoo (RRP £7.99, 200ml)
  • Soothing, skin-softening Gentle Baby Massage Oil (RRP £7.99, 125ml)
  • Cleansing, protecting Gentle Baby Body Lotion (RRP £7.99, 200ml)
  • Specially formulated, soothing Protective Baby Diaper Cream (RRP £6.99, 75ml)
  • Soothing & Nourishing Baby Lotion (RRP £7.99, 75ml)

For expecting/new mums, hormonal changes can cause dry, itchy feeling skin. Containing avocado oil; cacoa butter camellia olefera seed oil and other plant extracts; wheat germ oil and essential vitamins F, E and B5, the long-lasting, yet non-greasy and rapidly absorbed -TEN- Hydration Body Cream (RRP £9.99, 200ml) is uniquely formulated to help combat this by restoring the natural elasticity and oils of the skin. The -TEN- range for mums includes the equally effective:

  • Stretch Mark Prevention & Reduction Cream, (RRP £9.99, 200ml)
  • Breast Care Cream (RRP £9.99, 125ml)

Formulated specifically to minimise the risk of allergies and available from nationwide Boots stores;,, and, all of these products are free from:

  • Colour
  • Dyes
  • Ethanol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lanolin
  • Nitrosamine
  • Paraben
  • Paraffin mineral oil
  • Phtalates
  • SLES
  • Soap

Gentle; effective, heavenly scented and affordable, -TEN- skincare products make outstanding practical gifts for babies, mums or mums-to-be.