Baby Comforter, a personalised organic Gift for New Arrivals

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Most babies attach themselves to a blanket; soft, cuddly towel or similar item they can snuggle up to, hold in their tiny hands and generally ‘love to bits’ at some point or another. Often treasured for years, if not for life, such baby comforters not only have to be enduring, they must also be safe enough for baby to have the odd chew on a corner or two.

Image of Pure Love Bunny Baby Comforter set against dark background.
The Pure Love Baby Comforter features a wide awake bunny on one side, and a sleeping one on the other.

Lovingly crafted from naturally coloured (cream) organic cotton, 100{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} silk and velour, the Pure Love Bunny Comforter is not only safe and enduring, it is also exceptionally cute.

This delightful little Baby Comforter features a wide awake, smiling bunny, the words ‘Pure Love’ embroidered in beige silk and a delightful little crochet heart on one side. Turn the Snuggly Bunny Comforter over, and the bunny is asleep. On this side, the embroidery reads ‘Sweet Dreams’.

The ‘wide awake’ bunny side of the Bunny Baby Comforter can be personalised with baby’s name (maximum two names; up to nine letters each in length, including, if required, a hyphen), which will again be embroidered onto the comforter in beige embroidery silk.

Measuring approximately 35 cm by 35 cm (just under 14 in x 14 in), the Pure Love Bunny Baby Comforter is available from Bundles of Joy at just £20.

It is delivered in a lovely matching keepsake box featuring a magnetic catch and a heart-shaped window perfect for displaying a photo of the little one.

Gorgeous, hard-wearing and perfectly safe, the Pure Love organic Bunny Baby Comforter is the perfect personalised gift to celebrate a new arrival. Appreciated by mums and dads, it will be treasured by baby for years to come.