BabyZoo Cordless Wall Light  

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This super cute BabyZoo Cordless Wall Light will make a welcome addition to a baby’s nursery.  There’s a choice of two scenes featuring Mumbo the elephant or Momo the monkey which incorporates a timer-based wireless light sitting among a beautiful set of wall decals.


My little girl’s room now has Momo the monkey on the wall, and I must say that it looks adorable. The light itself is so easy to install, that I didn’t even have to ask my hubby for help!!  You simply attach the monkeys head (the main light) to the wall and then add the wall decals as you wish around it.  The end result is so cute and looks delightful in the day time and at night time when switched on.

This is a fun way to provide the nightlight needed for comfort at night.  There is an auto shut-off function which gives little ones 30 minutes of soft glowing comfort while they fall asleep, and parents can turn on the light when checking on the child by simply pushing the light.


The BabyZoo Cordless Wall Light will make a fantastic gift for a newborn at Christmas time and beyond.  Buy yours today for £29.95 from Bebeco.