Beautiful Earrings for all Tastes

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It can be fairly safely said that tastes in earrings will vary significantly among friends and family members. Some like the playful charm of hoops and charms; some like to be daring and extravagant, while others look for classic style and/or glamour in their ear piercing jewellery. The one thing you can count on is that Karma Se7en will have something to match any one of your loved ones’ preferences.

Karma Se7en Hoop & Charm Earrings, Bumble Bee DesignThese lovely Bumble Bee Hoop & Charm Sterling Silver Earrings, for instance, would delight both younger girls and adult women with a touch of playfulness. The quality sterling silver hoops each feature a sterling silver honey-bee-shaped charm that has been set with colourful enamel (yellow and black) to enhance the design and provide these earrings with an unmistakeable retro-cartoon feel. Featuring 20 gauge (0.8 mm) posts, these silver earrings are sold in pairs at just £6.99 and come in a lovely little gift box.

Karma Se7en Pink Flower EarringsThis, by the way, applies to all Karma Se7en jewellery, including the equally delightful Pink Flower Hoop & Charm Silver Earrings shown on the right. The charm is again set with colourful enamel (this time in pink) to enhance the sterling silver shape and give a playful cartoon-like feel. Like the Bumble Bee earrings, the Pink Flower Earrings are suitable for standard earlobe piercings. The price for this stunning pair is only £5.99.

Karma Se7en Carved Winged Dragon EarringMore adventurous friends, sisters or nieces; boyfriends, nephews and brothers may like the look of stretched earlobes, but are not quite ready to go through the effort of having their lobes stretched. This is where Karma Se7en’s Fake Stretching Jewellery comes in a real treat. The Carved Winged Dragon, for example, is designed to look as though the lobe has been stretched, but features a 1 mm surgical steel post that allows this gorgeous piece of jewellery to be worn in any standard piercing. Expertly carved by hand from natural horn, this stunning earring has extraordinary detail all round and, at a size of 35 mm by 55 mm (width x length) is certain to attract attention.

Costing just £14.99, the Winged Dragon earring comes in singles, but if you prefer to have a pair, you can always take advantage of Karma Se7en’s fantastic ‘buy-one-choose-one-for-free’ offer. Once secured into position, the dragon earring looks like it is being worn in a stretched piercing. The size of this stunner also makes it a great fashion accessory and can be used, for instance, as a fastener for a crocheted or knitted shrug, where it adds a definite ‘designer touch’ others will admire.

Karma Se7en Font & Back Earrings/ Ear JacketsCast in rhodium plated 925 sterling silver and set with cubic zirconia crystals cut into flower shapes, the stunning Front & Back Earring Sparkler Ear Jackets are the perfect gift for ladies looking for classic elegance with a touch of sparkling glamour. The very latest in earring fashion, these stunning earrings feature studs worn through standard lobe piercings and a so-called ‘jacket’, which, once fitted over the stud at the back of the lobe, hang down below the lobes, framing them beautifully. A pair of these stunning front & back earrings will set you back £21.99, but the timeless style and glamour of these earrings makes this a price well worth paying.