Bella and Bentley

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Bella and Bentley, a Heart-Warming Book to Treasure

Whether you are looking for last-minute Christmas gifts or need a birthday, ‘new arrival’ or christening present just after the festive season, ‘Bella and Bentley’ by Suzanne Lees is a wonderfully heart-warming, yet educational book that will make a wonderful gift.


Designed to be read to very young children by their parents, ‘Bella and Bentley’ is the story of 2-year-old Bentley, a French bulldog, faced with the arrival of baby Bella. Pets can find new additions to ‘their’ family’ upsetting, and Bentley is no exception. As he watches ‘his Mummy’ welcome Bella into their lives, he is filled with anxiety (let’s face it, dogs have feelings, too) and apprehension. All that excitement surrounding Bella’s arrival is quite unexpected and he is not sure what to make of it all. Until he meet’s Bella, that is…

Intended to warm the heart and educate at the same time, Bella and Bentley is the first of five short stories written by self-confessed dog-lover Suzanne Lees, who decided to write the series after the birth of her granddaughter Bella. Available exclusively from, Bella and Bentley has a very reasonable cover price of just £5.99.

Bella and Bentley is beautifully written and will be enjoyed by young and old alike. I for one can’t wait to read the next story in the series. Highly recommended as a beautiful gift for any occasion.