Best of TV & Movies

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Best of TV & Movies – LOGO Board Games at Their Best

When it comes to board games, the popular LOGO games by Drumond Park are hard to beat – and ‘Best of TV & Movies’ is no exception.
Echoing the highly appealing, uniquely quirky editorial tone of other LOGO board games, ‘Best of TV & Movies‘ is a fast-paced, fascinating game that has up to six players aged 12+ racing to the playing board’s winning zone by answering colour-coded questions on TV and movie stars, situations and more. There are 300 question cards in three categories (Picture, Theme and Pot Luck), featuring four questions, as well as three Bonus cards (Mute Button; Change the Channel and Fast Forward). As with other LOGO board games, game play is straightforward.

Players (or teams) take turns in answering the four colour-coded (orange, magenta, blue and green) questions on a card. For every correctly answered question, they move their playing piece to the nearest field of the same colour on the playing board. If a question is answered incorrectly, the question is passed on to the other team, unless the ‘Fast Forward’ card is played, in which case the question is simply skipped. Players who draw the ‘Mute Button’ card can stop another player from answering. The ‘Change the Channel’ card enable players to ask for another card if they dislike the topic on the one drawn. Once in the ‘Winning Zone’, players/teams must answer two consecutive question or a single green question to win the game.


Best of TV & Movies‘ is one of those board games your family will want to play over-and-over again, making its RRP of £29.99 a worthy investment. To add a little variation, you may also want to consider getting the ‘LOGO‘ game (RRP 32.99), which will test your knowledge of brands and logos to the limit, or the equally exciting ‘Best of British game (RRP £29.99). You can find stockists and more information on these and other board games at Drumond Park.