BIC Kids Stationery

BIC Kids Stationery

For over 60 years, Bic has created and produced simple, inventive and reliable products, which are the preferred choice of millions of people worldwide! This school year is nearly finished, but when gathering your children’s school stationery for next year, BIC will have everything you need.

Bic Kids have a fantastic range of stationery that will help your children through their next year of school. There is a huge array available such as pencils, colouring pencils, highlighters and felt tip pens that will suit children of all ages. I have picked some of my favourites below –

BIC Highlighter Flex These are Fluorescent water based ink Highlighters, perfect for older children when they need to highlight or underline important pieces of text. They come in an assorted colours pack of 4, pink, green, orange and yellow. Each highlighter pen has a Flexible brush tip that allows to control the width of your highlights. Simply adjust the angle or pressure for your desired stroke – fine, medium or large. And, as a bonus, these pens will not dry out even if left uncapped for up to 24 hours! Comfortable to hold with the textured rubber grip, these pens will be a sure favourite for school work.

BIC Kids Visa Colouring Pens – Coming in a pack of 12, these colouring pens are ideal for children of all ages. Each pen is fine tipped, allowing more accuracy when colouring. The colours are very vivid which helps to create stunning masterpieces from your child. Also, and this is very useful, is that these wonder pens will not dry up (apart from the black) if left uncapped for up to 3 months!! Having a 4-year-old, I know how frustrating it is when you see a full set of colouring pens with no lids on them. I have thrown many sets in the bin! I can assure you that the BIC Kids Visa pens do NOT dry out – my lovely daughter helped me test this!! The water-based ink is washable from most clothes, which is huge advantage of these pens too. More pack sizes are available – 12, 18, 20, 36, 84, 144 and 288 and all in a variety of bright colours too.

BIC Marking Permanent Markers – These fine tip metallic Gold and Silver pens are perfect for writing/marking on light and dark surfaces. The metallic colours are ever so vibrant and really stand out (especially on black paper!). The fine tip makes it easy to write smoothly and to create work with precision, whilst the ink will dry quickly allowing you to complete your work with speed. Other colours are available in this range, including Jade, Bronze and Sapphire. Anyone from students to teachers would take delight from using these pens.

BIC Matic Mechanical PencilsThese brightly styled mechanical pencils look absolutely fantastic! My two older boys said the look ‘awesome’ and use them every day at school! With a simple click, new lead will be dispensed – so there’s no need for a sharpener, and hence, no accumulation of pencil sharpening’s in the bottom of your children’s pencil case (I know from years of experience)! Each pencil includes 3 HB leads which will allow you to write up to a length of 10km, and the added eraser on the end is there for all those little mistakes. All children, mostly primary school age, will want these pencils for school!

Bic Kids Stationery is available from all major supermarkets. To see the full range available, please visit

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