Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polish  

Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polish  

Operating globally for over 15 years are Bio Sculpture, the inventors of permanent nail colour supply and endless amount of fascinating nail art.  With over 120 colours, including glitter, illusion and French overlays, finding the perfect colour this Christmas to match your sparkly party dress is easy!!

The Bio Sculpture Gel is simply applied onto your own nail and set under a UV light to give it that strong, flexible and glossy finish.  The Gel itself con be used to lengthen and extend nails, and it will last for weeks!

I absolutely love their matching nail polishes too.  These can be applied directly over the gel, or simply painted onto your own nail.  When I received a couple of samples for review I simply applied it onto of my own nails.  The polish brush is wide, so it was very easy and quick to apply.  After a couple of coats, the end result was fantastic.  It actually looked like I had a gel polish finish – all without the use of UV lights too!

blazing nail polish

I applied the Blazing Lacquer Varnish (no.166) which I think is perfect for Christmas time.  It’s incredibly red and very festive!  Currently I am sporting the Nude Varnish (no.2003) which is very subdued, but perfect for every day wear.  You can apply the nail polish directly over your gel too. And when removed with Bio Sculpture Nail Polish remover, the Gel is unaltered underneath!

The Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Polish costs £6.45 and is available from

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