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If your children love nothing more than creating fantastic artwork, then Blopens would make a fabulous gift for them this Christmas and beyond. This is a new way of producing magnificent masterpieces with amazing airbrush effects – kids will love it!

Blopens rainbow includes a unique 3-in-1 pen holder, allowing you to create rainbow effects by mixing and matching the pens provided. This set includes 6 different coloured mini Blopens, 6 sheets of paper and 6 reusable stencils. Simply set up your stencil on paper, insert your chosen pens into the holder, and blow gently into the pen holder’s mouthpiece (making sure it’s close to the paper) using sweeping motions. It really is a fun way of colouring!

Blopens are completely safe for children to use, with non-toxic and washable ink. My 6-year-old daughter has had great fun with this set and adores the rainbow effect. I would recommend this as an artistic and enjoyable gift for all children (aged 4 and over!).

Blopens Rainbow (RRP: £10.99) are available from Amazon.