Blue Nun Retro Family Tradition – a perfect Christmas Gift

Image showing limited edition bottle of Blue Nun

Blue Nun Retro Family Tradition – a perfect Christmas Gift

Anyone who loves a glass of wine will appreciate a nice bottle of tipple for Christmas, and receiving a bottle of Britain’s favourite German wine, Blue Nun, will go down a real treat.

Image showing limited edition bottle of Blue NunTo make this delightful wine even more special this Christmas, the makers of Blue Nun, German wine-making family Langguth, have introduced a limited edition bottle.

The ‘Retro Family Tradition’ edition of this fine wine features its iconic fluted glass bottle with a most charming retro design on the label that is bound to rouse warm nostalgic feelings.

Enough about the bottle, though, because while it really is lovely to look at, the main question is, after all, what the content is like. As usual, the Blue Nun wine contained in this limited edition bottle has an easy going, fresh style.

Combining heritage, expertise and passion with a choice of specially selected grapes, Langguth have ensured Blue Nun is a beautifully finished and perfectly balanced delight to the senses.

Soft, yet packed deeply with the flavours of fresh fruit, this wine is wonderful on its own or paired with your favourite winter dishes, like, for example, chicken and vegetable or fish creations, light stews or one of many Asian-style, spicy dishes.

Best served lightly chilled, this excellent 10.0{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} Vol wine will please your palate in any situation, whether you drink it on your own or share it with friends, in front of a roaring fire or with a meal.

Available exclusively from most nationwide Asda stores, a 750 ml bottle of the Blue Nun Limited Retro Family Tradition Edition will cost you around £5.25. This is a price well worth paying for this little marvel of a wine and makes it the perfect gift to yourself or anyone else you may want to make very happy this Christmas.

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