Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Headphones by Boompods

Blue Boompods Doubleblaster Bluetooth Speaker on white background.

Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Headphones by Boompods

Let’s face it, we all know someone, somewhere who loves gadgets. If this gadget-loving someone also loves music, look no further for their next birthday or Christmas present – Boompods may have just the thing you were looking for.

Blue Boompods Doubleblaster Bluetooth Speaker on white background.

The Boompods Doubleblaster Bluetooth Speaker delivers massive sound of exceptional quality.

Take the Boompods Doubleblaster, for example. This three-watt portable wireless speaker uses passive subwoofer and Bluetooth technology to let you stream music from any one of your Bluetooth-enabled devices, with tracks and volume being controlled from the device (like your mobile phone, for instance) in question. Using Bluetooth 3.0, it transmits over a range of up to ten metres, as well as supporting wired media devices (3.5 mm audio cable). The rechargeable, built-in li-po battery allows for playback for up to six hours.

This unique pod-form speaker delivers your music at outstanding quality. Creating incredible bass, it generates immense sound wherever you are. Available in white, blue or green; orange or matt black, the Boompod Doubleblaster Bluetooth speaker has a soft touch finish and measures just 90 mm x 100 mm x 55 mm (h x d x w). It comes complete with standard USB; 3.5 mm audio and Micro USB charging cables and can be purchased from Boompods at just £39.99.

Boompods wireless headphones on white background.

Boompods wireless headphones have soft faux leather ear cushions for maximum wearer comfort.

If your loved one prefers headphones to speakers, the Boompods foldable wireless headphones will thrill him to bits. Featuring an LED ear piece with audio controls and built-in microphone, it has a wide frequency range and powerful twin drivers that enhance base and provide perfectly balanced, clear sound.

Using Bluetooth 4.0, these Bluetooth headphones have a 10-metre range. A single charge will provide as much as eight hours of listening time. It can be connected to devices via 3.5 mm audio cable and recharged ia any USB port (cables are included). The close-on-ear design keeps outside sounds blocked, and the enlarged, soft faux leather ear cushions provide extreme comfort by moulding around the ears.

Compatible with iPhone handsets, the Boompod wireless headphones are available in soft touch-finish white or matt black at just £49.99 from Boompods.

Whether you treat your loved one to the Boompods Bluetooth speaker or the wireless headphones (or maybe even both), they will be delighted with these beautifully manufactured, top quality gifts and the impressive sound they provide.

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