Dial up for Murder – The best thriller of 2015

Dial up for Murder – The best thriller of 2015

Dial Up for Murder: The Hacker Chronicles Book 1


Dial Up For Murder The best thriller of 2015? That’s some accolade, considering it’s only February, but I’m struggling to see how a book could be written, that will better this one.

Set in the 80’s, the main character is a young entrepreneur called Peter Talbot. Peter has come up with an online service (long before main-steam internet was around) that offers a new anomynous way of communicating with others – a basic communications forum as such.

Online Data starts slow until the criminal underworld realise it is a perfect communications portal and Peter receives a few cash, no questions asked, payments. Why not? The new business venture requires funding and Peter takes with a (near clean) conscience.

In short, the money starts rolling in and the story then develops into a countdown that leads to something not nice hitting the fan – you see it building pages and pages away – and as a result, it makes a cracking read.

Clem Chambers, the author, has somewhat of a split personality. On the one hand, he is the CEO of ADVFN – a Global financial markets website. On the other, he is a proven author with 3 novels under his belt prior to Dial up for Murder (as well as other financial books).

I have read the first three and was sad to hear Clem’s next book wasn’t a 4th instalment of the ‘Jim Evans’ series. The books contained exciting plots, great narrative and a really clever use of characters. I think this is Clem Chamber’s real strength – the ability to make the reader empathise and totally root for the ‘hero’.

Pleased to report that the same skill is applied to Dial up for Murder. Both Peter and his sidekick George are well written in and you are on their side from the start.

George is Peter’s assistant, an old boy recruited from the local pub. Given his past in the military, which is a little secretive as well as his chirpy, easygoing nature, he is someone I wouldn’t mind sharing a pint with. There is one moment in the book that is comical and gasp inducing, involving one of the clients – read the book and you’ll see 😉

I started the book at a decent pace, soaked up the story and watched it build up (and grew to love it a little). My reading pace increased as things started getting seriously out of hand. About ¾’s through, I found myself slowing down, even though the story rumbled on. The reason? I was enjoying it so much, I didn’t want it to end.

That says so much about this book. ‘Gripping’, ‘Exciting’, ‘Can’t put down’ are all associated with book reviews and most are overused. All three apply as absolute definates in this total corker.

Thank god this is the first instalment of three….

In short, just read it. It will be your book of 2015 too, promise.

You can get your copy HERE.

And here’s a little taster, from pretty early on in the book….


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