Boris and the Dumb Skulls – Book Review

Boris and the Dumb Skulls – Book Review

Frank Hinks new book in the Ramion collection, ‘Boris and the Dumb Skulls’, is the perfect spooky read for children aged 7+.  This is Frank’s 16th children’s book and it does not disappoint.

This book sees the return of Griselda the witch and her pet skull Boris. This time we find the witch’s faithful companion Boris the skull forms a punk rock band; we get a glimmer of wicked witch Griselda’s softer side and the dim daft dwarfs are indeed both dim and daft!  With floating skull heads, witches, magic cats, ghosts, mummies, vampires, a body collector and various other weird and wonderful characters, this book makes a very interesting and funny read for all children.

My son Charlie (8 years old) loves reading Frank Hicks books, especially this series!  He was keen to do a video review, albeit his very first one, and wanted to share it with you.  Please take note that the review is short, quietly spoken and that he is in serious need of a hair cut!!!

Boris and the Dumb Skulls really is a great read, and is one that parents will enjoy reading to their children too.  In fact, Charlie has since brought his own copy of it into school and it’s currently circling around his group of friends!  With a super storyline and fabulously bright and amazing illustrations, this book has it all.

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