Born Gifted Personalised Easter Bunny Story Book

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If you are looking for Easter gifts that are a little different from the usual chocolate-overdose-inducing eggs, bunnies, etc., look no further than Born Gifted. This company has an outstanding array of beautiful Easter gifts for kids of all ages, including the delightful personalised ‘The Easter Bunny’ Story Book.

Image showing front cover of personalised 'The Easter Bunny Story' bookWritten by Susie Davids and vibrantly illustrated by Tim J. Porter, this charming, colourful book not only tells your little one about many of the Easter bunny’s secrets, but also has them looking for 12 eggs the bunny has hidden throughout the book.

Your child’s name will appear on the book’s front cover and is also incorporated into the rhyming text and illustrations throughout the book. You can also add a personalised message (up to two lines) to the child on the first page.

Printed on smooth, high quality paper and featuring a laminated cover, this enchanting A4-sized book makes a fantastic Easter gift and will quickly turn into a bedtime favourite your child will want to hear you read over and over again. Beautiful from start to finish, the book is available in paperback (£9.99) and hardback (16.99) versions.

I had ‘The Easter Bunny Story’ book personalised for my granddaughter and can honestly say it is well worth the cost. Every page is simply gorgeous and I know she will delight in finding her name and the hidden eggs among the stunning illustrations.

Other, equally charming Easter gifts from Born Gifted include anything from Easter Egg hunt/ Easter Treats bags (£4.99 each) and the ‘Rabbit in a Carrot’ (£5.99) through the ‘LED Woodland Bunny Nightlight’ (£3.99) and the ‘Bunny in a Personalised Easter Tin’ (£22.99) to Bunnies with personalised T-shirts (£15.99 each); pink or blue ‘Cheri Collection’ Rabbit Money Banks (£7.99 each); the delightful Sterling Silver Rabbit Necklace (16inch Chain, £39.99) and much, much more.

Whatever your taste and budget, there is something beautiful here to make the perfect alternative Easter gift for kids of all ages.