Braun Series 7 (7790) Review

Braun Series 7 (7790) Review

The most advanced shaver ever released by Braun – with more computing technology than NASA’s Apollo 11* – it’s ideal for the man who demands perfection.

At first glance, this haughty statement can actually be considered to be nothing short of the truth. The Braun Series 7 shaver is put together into such a strong build that you know you have a quality item. The shaver has a very high-tech appearance that fits comfortably in your hand with Braun’s Pulsonic technology – 10,000 micro vibrations a minute which results in a speedy, close shave every time! Another handy feature of the head of the series 7 is the locking head that stops the pivoting head which helps get into the contours of your face. The Series 7 also facilitates those with facial hair that requires styling with a pop-up trimmer.

What you get in the box – You get:

The shaver itself

A month’s worth of Braun Clean & Renew liquid

A travelling case

Cleaning brush


Power supply

Dock/ cleaning station.

If you are looking to travel but don’t want to have the dock taking up room, you can actually use the electric cord to directly into the shaver itself. Very handy!

The dock/ cleaning station provides a great maintenance tool if you like to keep your shaver clean. You do also have the option of manually cleaning the shaver yourself. This option may be a little easier on the pocket considering the clean and renew liquid will only last a month at a time, but then you will obviously realise the benefits of sterilising your shaver.

Another great feature of the dock are the indication lights the will inform you of how much cleaning formula is left, and will also give you an indication of how clean/dirty the shaver is.

The shaver comes with a battery indication light, which gives you an accurate reading of how charged your shaver is. Once the shaver has been placed in the dock, it will begin to charge instantly so your shaver will always be ready to go when you need it.

The Braun Series 7 is a fantastic high-end shaver which facilitates all your shaving needs with ease and would certainly make for a fantastic gift!


The Braun Series 7 Shaver is available along with the rest of the Braun collection here 


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