BRITA Fill & Go  

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The Brita Fill & Go (£14.99) is honestly the best water bottle that I have ever used!  It’s a simple bottle that will transform tap water into freshly filtered water whilst out and about.  In fact, since using it, I have now purchased three more for my children!!


Drinking fresh water free from substances is so much better for us anyway.  Not only does it reduce the nasties in water drastically, but it will help keep you fully hydrated throughout the day no matter what you do.  Great tasting water in a stylish bottle – why would you say no!

The Fill & Go uses an activated carbon Filter Disc which is integrated in the lid, out of sight.  Brita say – ‘all you have to do is: Soak the BRITA Fill&Go Filter Disc prior to first use. This will make it much easier for you to drink through. Replace the Filter Disc once a week. And, for great taste and optimal quality, change the water in your Fill&Go bottle every day.’  It really is that simple.

Since using this bottle, my water intake has really increased. From drinking a couple of glasses a day, I now would drink 2 litres plus a day.  Personally, I prefer to use mine without the straw, but to be honest whichever way is your own preference (my two youngest prefer to use the straw!).  It feels good to know that the water my children and me are drinking is purified and healthy.

The bottle itself is an ideal size.  It holds 600 ml of water and fits into standard cup holders easily.  The bottle is also BPA-free, is dishwasher-safe, lightweight and robust!  It is available in four stylish colours: grey, blue, pink, green.  For more information please visit