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As a mum to two older boys and a toddler, I know only too well the dangers certain toys can have. The simplest and cheapest toy of all that all my children enjoy playing with is the balloon.  However, when the balloon pops it immediately becomes a major choking hazard!  The sound of the ‘pop’ alone is startling for any child and this is why the new and innovative BUBABLOON should be a must have for every family home.

BUBABLOON - Lifestyle 5

The BUBABLOON transforms a normal balloon into a durable, unbreakable, reusable toy for children from four months to four years (and beyond).  It is a multi-sensory fabric balloon cover that keeps the light, floaty, bouncy effect of a balloon but helps protect children from popping and the threat of choking. In fact, it doesn’t inhibit the normal use of a balloon at all; as you can see from my daughter below, even bouncing on her head was completely harmless and so much fun!


Created by mumpreneurs Elena Torres and Lorna Edwards, the BUBABLOON offers a sensory experience for little ones, encouraging exploration, large-muscle movement and fine motor skills.  As the cover is washable, it’s perfect for outdoor use as well as indoor.  It comes in a handy pouch which will easily fit into mums handbag or babys changing bag.

Lorna Edwards states – “Balloons are such magnets for little ones, but the dangers are quite startling, so it was important for us to create a specially-designed cover that was not only fun but gives parents the confidence that the probability of kids choking, being startled by a balloon bursting or simply reacting to a latex allergy have been dramatically reduced.  BUBABLOON is such a simple design but is so effective, it doesn’t use gadgets or computers and encourages kids to use their imagination and build motor skills. It is something that we are incredibly proud of and look forward to sharing our new toy joy with the kids of Great Britain and beyond.” 

The BUBABLOON is available in an array of bright, bold and quirky colours and designs, ranging from campervans to pirates and animals to inspirations from nature. It is made from 100 per cent poplin cotton, the machine-washable cover comes in a handy little pouch and can be used time and time again, making it a perfect space saving toy when travelling.  The cover is priced from £10.99 and is available exclusively via www.BUBABLOON.co.uk.