Have you ever wondered how the stock market works? Have you watched the news and become a bit a baffled by the business section? Or are you interested in shares and want to challenge yourself against the markets? Then this is the game for you.

Before I start let me say that this is not a game for children but 14+, to understand and have fun its needs that level of maturity. However, it is like the real thing. It puts you into a situation where you have bought shares worth £80,000 and then ‘real life’ events affect your investments!

The game is designed for 2 – 6 players and is the perfect game for family, friends and colleagues this Christmas.



Playing The Game

Players start with £80,000 which they use to buy and sell shares as they aim to build the portfolio with the highest value.  Players will have great fun as they wheel and deal and learn about how the Stock Market works.  Throughout the game, share prices move after Government announcements, world news and company statements, and players will have to decide what to do.  Real-life events such as buying a house, tax refunds and work bonuses also make a difference, as does luck as the throw of a die changes share prices for all players! 

 Within the same BuySellorHold? box, there are three game options designed for people with no previous knowledge of the Stock Market through to expert investors:

  • The Introductory Game – the basic game with fewer features to help people get more familiar with the aim of the game.
  • The Beginners’ Game – the addition of a few more features such as share dealing from outside investors, ‘Life’ events and portfolio valuations during the game, makes this option ideal for people who are feeling confident about the game.
  • The Advanced Game – this option takes the game to the next level, and is ideally suited to people who have got to grips with the game and are looking for the ultimate challenge. Features include takeover battles, fees and commissions, and the transfer of money between players.


 What’s Included

  • A robust Game Board, printed on high-quality heavy card
  • A re-useable Share Price Board with adjustable prices and marker
  • A Game Brochure, including detailed instructions for playing all three Games, definitions and explanations of Stock Market terms and jargon and suggestions and help for managing a real portfolio
  • An Information Booklet describing all the companies featured, with their P/Es, Yields and borrowing levels
  • Portfolio Forms
  • ‘That’s Life’ Cards and Investment Cards
  • A gemstone (semi-precious mineral) and a 6-sided die

This unique and versatile game is highly interactive and will stimulate collaboration, conversation and enjoyment among family and friends.  Game play can last an hour, or can continue indefinitely. This is definitely a game for anyone interested in learning about shares and the stock market or indeed anyone who has the knowledge and wants to challenge their friends and colleagues! I can see this becoming a work place favourite as well as a family game!

There is one more thing – accustomed as I am to reviewing and playing board games this has to be one of the most high quality products I have seen. It is beautifully put together, of a very very high quality, great design and well made. It is really is lovely and you can see that much thought, love and attention to detail has gone into this. It would make a lovely present.

BuySellorHold? is available now for £45 from Amazon, or from





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