Treat Your Pet to Canagan Premium Pet Food this Christmas

Canagan Premium Dry Pet Food

Treat Your Pet to Canagan Premium Pet Food this Christmas

Pet food is not usually something you’d add to your Christmas gift shopping list, but we all love our pets, so why not treat them to something a little special this Christmas? Canagan premium pet food offer an extensive range of premium dry and wet dog and cat food in an array of flavours designed to make your pet’s Christmas perfect.

Canagan Premium Pet Food

Canagan Premium Dry Pet FoodUnlike many other pet foods, Canagan premium pet food is free of wheat, corn and other ‘bulking’ cereals that add to the weight but will do little for your best friend’s health. Also free of artificial colourings; flavourings, preservatives and sweeteners, this pet food contains only natural ingredients that have been specially selected to provide optimal digestibility and flavour while perfectly matching your pet’s nutritional requirements.

Canagan Wet Pet Food

Canagan Premium Wet Pet Food for DogsI (or rather, my dog) had the opportunity to try two of Canagan’s wet dog food varieties, the Venison and Wild Boar Stew and the Chicken Hotpot. Packed with freshly prepared, deboned meat (35{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} Venison/30 {beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} wild boar and 65 {beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} chicken respectively) and other natural ingredients, these varieties are (like all varieties) priced at £13.14 per pack of 6 x 400 g cans.

I was also sent two of the wet cat food varieties, Tuna with Prawns and Chicken with Duck. Equally free of bulking agents and artificial additives, these highly nutritional, complete (though suitable for use in combination with dry food) cat treats are priced at £12.60 for 12 x 75g cans. All dry/wet pet food varieties are available directly from and stockists across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Verdict

Canagan Premium Wet Pet Food for CatsMy dog (Jeppy) is a fussy eater and will happily walk away from pet food he doesn’t like (bless him, he would rather have my dinner than any dog food at the best of times, lol), so I was eager to see how he would react to ‘his samples’.

His usual approach to dog food is to ‘sniff out’ the bits he likes and leave the rest (begrudgingly) for later, but with both Canagan varieties, he not only cleared the bowl in a single session but also went back a little later to lick it clean – high praise indeed! I don’t have a cat, so I passed the two cat food samples on to my son, who has two (Denzel and Whispy). They, too, cleared their bowls in a jiffy; promptly demanded more and ‘inspected’ their usual food with what my son described as ‘disdainful expressions’ next time they were fed.

Grain free; nutritional, tasty and reasonably priced, Canagan premium pet food will make fantastic Christmas treats for your pet/s – and comes highly recommended by Jeppy, Whispy and Denzel!

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