CapillumFortis Hair Growth Formula

CapillumFortis Hair Growth Formula

End Hair Loss with the CapillumFortis Hair Growth Formula

Hair loss problems can affect both men and women. If you have someone experiencing such problems in your family or circle of friends, CapillumFortis, a 100 per cent natural hair growth formula will make a perfect gift for them.


About the CapillumFortis Hair Loss Treatment

Initially created predominantly to assist men with beard growth problems, this hair growth formula treats hair loss by using natural ingredients renowned for their ability to stimulate collagen production; increase blood flow to skin; strengthen and nourish hair follicles and generally support good skin health. Having produced outstanding results – complete with new hair growth and a total change within facial hair structure – even in men with beard alopecia, the formula was further enhanced to suit the very specific, unique needs of both men and women experiencing hair loss.

CapillumFortis Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Promoting a blend of hydration and circulation to men’s skin, the CapillumFortis range for men focuses not only on scalp treatment and hair growth, but also specifically focuses on the well-being, strength and growth of facial skin and hair.

CapillumFortis Hair Loss Treatment for Women

The women’s range of the CapillumFortis Hair Growth Formula is designed to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth and strengthening, as well as returning dull hair to a healthy, lush glow.

CapillumFortis Hair Growth Formula

This hair loss treatment is available from EMX Squared at a price of just £55 for a 100 ml tube. This is a price that is well worth paying when considering that, while the effects of the formula may take a little while to become obvious, they are, according to many happy customers, outstanding. Just take a look at these testimonials by two women – the first of whom suffered hair loss due to stress alopecia, while the second lady suffered with an extremely dry scalp – to see the difference the CapillumFortis Hair Growth Formula can make.

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