Captain America Wall Light

Captain America Wall Light





Whether you are looking for the perfect present for a little one who has trouble sleeping in the dark or need to find something for a not-so-little marvel fan (face it, there is a little boy somewhere deep inside every man), the Captain America Wall Light could be the answer.


Bringing a little light into darkness and lots of smiles to any recipients’ face, the Captain America Shield Wall Light is a battery powered 3D Deco LED wall light. It comes complete with a crack effect sticker to make it look as though the shield has been thrown straight through the wall by good Captain America himself.

Fitting the Captain America Shield to your wall is quick and easy (it simply attaches to the wall with a couple of screws), so the Captain America Shield Light, which looks awesome whether it is lit or not, will provide your little one with a comforting presence whenever the dark may frighten them.

captain-america-shield-3d-deco-light (1)

As I mentioned earlier, this 3D Deco Wall Light will also be gratefully received by older Marvel fans and would look great on the wall of teenagers’ bedrooms, in Dad’s, Grandad’s or your favourite brother or uncle’s ‘private space’ (like his study, workshop, garden shed or garage, for example) or anywhere else you might want to spread a little light and super-hero happiness.

Available from Maplin at a price of just £29.99, the Captain America Shield 3D Deco LED Light is without a shadow of doubt a brilliant, practical and affordable gift idea, especially when you also consider the fact that you will never have to replace a nightlight or wall light bulb again. Definitely a ‘marvel-lous’ gift we’d recommend investing in for both old and young loved ones this Christmas, for any other special occasion or just because you want to reassure a little one at night.

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