CELIA Lager, a Tasty Treat for Father’s Day

Image showing a bottle and can of CELIA Lager

CELIA Lager, a Tasty Treat for Father’s Day

If your dad likes a drop of fine beer, you should consider treating him to a few bottles of Celia Lager this Father’s Day.

About Celia Lager

Image showing a bottle and can of CELIA LagerTraditionally batch-brewed within the cellars of historical town Žatec’s 14th Century castle, CELIA beer is brewed for more than 2 months. This period includes a 14-day open-vat fermentation process that ensures natural, additive-free carbonation.

Using only top quality local ingredients, the brewery utilises a silicone filtration system and their patented de-glutenisation process to produce an exceptionally light, vegan-friendly and gluten-free lager with a <5 PPM (parts per million) ELISA tested value.

The locally sourced ingredients of this exceptional beer include the world renowned local organic Saaz hop (grown around Žatec since AD 1004), organic barley malt and water from the nearby foothills.

CELIA beer is available from Teco and Ocado at an RRP of £2.49/bottle.

My Verdict

I’ve never been a great lager fan, as I find most of them far too gassy and frequently too bitter for my taste. Having tried both CELIA Organic and CELIA Dark, however, I am converted! This fine beer has it all – little gas, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and wonderful in taste.

As my father would have said, drinking this exquisite lager is like a little angel peeing straight into your soul 🙂 Highly recommended not just for Father’s Day, but anytime you fancy a great drink.

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