Choc on Choc Mother’s Day Gifts

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Chocolate comes in many shapes and sizes, but few of them are as deliciously decadent as those by Choc on Choc.  

I had the intense pleasure of sampling the scrumptious Chocolate Biscuits Selection. Beautifully detailed, this collection was inspired by Britain’s quintessential afternoon tea tradition and contains seven ‘biscuits’, including two wonderfully nostalgic Pink Wafers, a buttery Custard Cream and a fun Party Ring; a Jammie Dodger, the truly decadent Bourbon and the ageless Chocolate Digestive – all hand-made from solid, exquisite Belgian white and milk chocolate.

choc choc

Practically perfect for any occasion, but especially for Mother’s Day, these ‘biscuits’ are chocolate heaven come true and it is highly unlikely that they will reach the end of their shelf-life, which is 12 months. They are priced at just £12 – and worth every penny of it.


Other delightful gift ideas by Choc on Choc include the equally yummy and gorgeous to look at Chocolate Shoes & Handbags, a selection of white chocolate handbags and white & dark chocolate stilettos priced at £8.99, and the stunning white and milk chocolate Mock Croc Handbag (RRP £14).

Beautifully created by hand from irresistible Belgian chocolates, the brilliant Choc on Choc’s Tea Cups & Tea Cakes Set allows you to surprise your Mum with her very own chocolaty ‘tea party’ at just £8.99 or, if your Mum loves gardening, you may want to treat her to the delightful Chocolate Gardening Set (RRP £8.99), a collection of simply delicious chocolate topiary ball trees, garden tools, a shed and wellies.  

choc 1

Then, of course, there are the Best Mum Selection Box (RRP £12.50); the Best Mum Chocolate Hamper (RRP £24.00) and the delightfully different White & Milk Chocolate Cheese Board (RRP £30).

All of these chocolate delights are fantastic gift ideas and available directly from Choc on Choc.