Christmas gifts for foodies / Tabasco lovers!

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Anyone looking for a Christmas gift perfect for someone who likes a challenge; foodie fans who simply cannot get enough of Tabasco; chilli heads or hot pepper sauce enthusiasts should look no further than the Tabasco Gallon Jug.

Tabasco Gallon Jug

Tabasco Sauce

Made from the finest natural ingredients, including fully matured red peppers; Avery Island (Louisiana) salt and top quality distilled vinegar, just like the Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce in the traditional, regular sized bottles, it is aged for three years in oak barrels. This provides it with its unique flavour perfect for adding extra flavour and heat to any dish, from Bloody Mary’s to Eggs Benedict; from sandwiches to seafood; from Italian to Mexican food and anything else you could possibly think of.

Tabasco Gallon Jug

Without doubt not a gift for the faint hearted, the Tabasco Gallon Jug holds enough of this versatile sauce to keep fans happily splashing it onto any dish they like for months to come. It has a shelf life of 12 months and is available from Harvey Nicholls and Fortnum and Mason at an RRP of just £79.95. Red pepper sauce fans will agree that this is a price well worth paying for a gallon of this popular ‘hot stuff’.

Tabasco Miniature Set

Tabasco Minis

For someone who loves Tabasco Sauce, but is unlikely to use a gallon up within a year, you may want to consider the Tabasco Miniature Set instead. Ideal for camping trips, barbecues and picnics, the Tabasco travel pack holds six 3.7 ml (1.8 fl oz) bottles of this unique flavour-boosting pepper sauce. Available from Selfridges at an RRP of only £5.99, this present shows you care by allowing recipients to spice up their food wherever they happen to be.