Christmas Gifts from Paperblanks  

Christmas Gifts from Paperblanks  

Paperblanks have produced fabulous journals, day planners, address books and boxes for over twenty years, and I have always been a fan of theirs!  They make their products from acid-free, sustainable forest paper and 100{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} recycled binder boards, and the end result is pure quality!

lig mini

Any of Paperblanks products would make a great gift for any occasion throughout the year, but I think these little journals from the Ori range are ideal for inside a Christmas stocking this year!!

The Ori range emphasises the Art of the Fold – an everyday, finely honed craft in Japan.  This range sees the work of Yuko Nishimura and artistic fusion of origami and origata in her art.  “The folded curves and straight lines suggest formal structure and the creative impulse. Repetition creates patterns and symmetry which in turn bring æsthetic and emotional pleasure to the viewer.  From the simple fold we are reminded of the unending story of human ingenuity.”

The books available in this range are Arroyo Mini, Cadence Mini, Dune Mini, Ligature Mini through to Ultra and the Ripple Mini.  They contain 176 pages of which are fully lined.  Also included is a memento pouch at the back and a ribbon to mark your page.  Theses journals are prices from £11.99.  To view the full range and to find your nearest stockist, please visit



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