Christmas Hilarity with Game Of THINGS!

Image showing the Game of THINGS box and content.

Christmas Hilarity with Game Of THINGS!

Festive family gatherings are traditionally accentuated by the whole clan getting together to play games of varying descriptions. The range of games to play just got larger and funnier with the introduction of the award-winning Game of THINGS in the UK.

Image showing the Game of THINGS box and content.A huge success in Canada and the USA, where it has already sold in excess of two million copies, the game is set to have British families in giggle fits.

A who-said-what-type game, the Game of THINGS is suitable for players aged 14 to 99. Presenting players with topics of a somewhat provocative nature, such as, for example, “THINGS you don’t want to know about your Grandmother”; “THINGS people do when no one is looking” or “THINGS you wouldn’t do for a million dollars”, the game turns family members and friends into comedians as they use their wits to give the most creative, outrages responses.

The game is exceptionally easy to play. Players simply pick a topic card, everybody writes down their witty answers and then these answers are read out aloud, with all players guessing which friend or family member said what. There are no right or wrong answers, the game is simply meant to provide lots of hilarious fun, but points can be awarded for the funniest, most memorable answers and for guessing who gave each answer.

The game has an RRP of £32.99, but is currently available at a special Christmas sales price of just £27.99 from both and Beautifully presented and well protected in a wooden box, it comes complete with 300 topic cards, a response pad and 10 pencils, as well as a score pad and, of course, instructions.

Certain to raise plenty of laughs, this outrageous game is the perfect addition to anyone’s festive games line-up and will be fantastic to have for yourself or as a present for someone you care for. If you love to laugh, you’ll love the Game of THINGS.

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