Christmas Home Gadget Gift guide from Just Mustard

Christmas Home Gadget Gift guide from Just Mustard

With an array of cool and innovative gift ideas, Just Mustard Gifts really has it all!!  Below are our top 5 picks for home gadget gifts –

Arrow Bookends (£20.00) – These magnet bookends are perfect for book enthusiasts who like to endorse in a little archery fiction such as Robin Hood.  Simple to install on any shelf with the hidden magnetic brackets, this arrow bookend will be sure to amaze your mates.  Complete with a blood drip effect at both ends, your Lord of the Rings Trilogy will look fantastic sitting upright supported by this Arrow Bookend.  A must buy for teenage boys or the bigger boys who are holding on to their youth!!


Bright Ideas USB Light bulb (£12.00) – This is a simple yet very effective USB powered light bulb which will attach to your laptop.  It’s powered by your laptop, with no switch in sight – simply glows when your laptop is switched on!  This will help illuminate your keyboard on dark nights which is ideal for students who work through the night to finish an essay!!  This is a simple but fun gift that many would like.


Pixel Time Clock (£20.00) – Who fancies a retro pixelated wall clock!  This is such a ‘cool’ looking clock, brining you right back to the first ever computer games in the 70’s.  In fact, Gifts 4 You loves this clock so much it’s up on our office wall!!  Not only will this make a great gift for the older generation, the young children today (obsessed with Minecraft) will also appreciate on of these on their bedroom wall.  What’s not to like?


Candy Stripes (£8.00) – A little box filled with 4 Candy shaped highlighters which look good enough to eat!  These cheery looking pens look just like vintage sweets in their own little jar.  They will make ideal stocking fillers for students, teachers or even for a secret Santa present.  Not only are these highlighters cute and practical, but they are fantastic value too!


Photomug (£10.00) – Now this is a mug that every office should adorn!!  A fab looking retro camera shaped mug just waiting to capture your morning brew – we love this one!  This is a simple ceramic mug with a printed camera design, and as in the words of Just Mustard – ‘the perfect way to finally combine the worlds of photography and hot beverages’.


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