Christmas Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide from Just Mustard

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We are in awe at all the kitchen gadgets and accessories from Just Mustard Gifts.  There are so many innovative gifts to choose from, but we have selected our top picks below –

Wild Dining Party Animal Plates (£10.00) – These super cute ceramic dinner plates are also a whole heap of fun at the dinner table.  With 4 different animals to choose from; Panda, Giraffe, Lion and Gorilla, turning your boring dinner into a fun-tastic time is easy!  Give the Panda spaghetti hair or the Gorilla a chip crown – both children and adults alike would love to receive on of these as a gift!


Heat ‘n’ Eat Microwave popcorn maker (£20.00) – New from Just Mustard is the perfect accompanying partner to movie time is this fabulous Popcorn maker.  It does exactly what is says on the box – fill the retro tub with the right measurement of kernals, and heat in the microwave until popped!!  This will guarantee perfect popcorn every time – much better than the shop bought variety!  We love it!!


Cool Cactus (£10.00) – This Cactus shaped oven glove might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it does look pretty cool sitting in the kitchen!  Not only does it do what it’s meant to (keeping your hand cool and protected from the oven) but it also stands upright, just like a cactus ought too!!  Other varieties in these oven gloves are the X-Ray Glove, Cool Bananas glove and the baseball Homerun glove – which one will you choose?


Eggspress (£5.00) – This star shaped egg mould is actually a pretty cool idea.  Turn a bog standard egg into something rather cool on your toast – star shaped eggs; what’s not to like about this?  Not only does it leave you cool looking eggs, but it saves on the washing up as its dishwasher safe too!!  If a star isn’t your thing, maybe the heart shaped mould is!


Please visit for more kitchen gift ideas.