Dark Matter Spiced Rum

Dark Matter Spiced Rum

Dark Matter Spiced Rum, Christmas Chemistry Perfection

Christmas has a very special chemistry – combining joy and laughter; wonderful cooking and baking aromas and the scent of pine trees with the distinct scents of sherry, port and Christmas spirits. Dark Matter Spiced Rum finishes this chemistry off to perfection.


Created in the first (and so far, only) rum distillery (Dark Matter) that has been purpose-built in Scotland, this award-winning spiced rum (Gold Medal, Global Rum Masters 2016) pushes all known boundaries of science and the art of rum creation. The molasses-based Dark Matter Spiced Rum has a smooth body with full-bodied notes of fresh ginger, long pepper and green peppercorns, as well as allspice. The spicy, warm finish of this exquisite spiced rum is winter-warmer perfection, especially if mixed with quality ginger ale/beer and serving it with a slice of lime (as recommended by its creators).

Described by its creators as having a taste that is equivalent to “warping into a huge liquid black hole, yet without every atom within your body being crushed into an infinitely small point”, Dark Matter’s 70cl VOL, 40{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c} ABV Spiced Rum is available at an RRP of just £35 from retailers across the UK. Stockists can be found at http://www.darkmatterdistillers.com/.

Style gurus predict that in the business of spirits, rum is the up-and-coming next big thing – and Dark Matter has stepped straight out of the shadows into the spotlight with a spiced rum that has everything to place Scotland very firmly onto the world’s rum map. Utterly delicious, it is one very fine spiced rum you will enjoy not only for Christmas, but any time of the year.


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