Derwent Line Painter

Derwent Line Painter

Derwent pencils have been made in Britain since 1832, and combine traditional pencil making skills with ‘state of the art manufacturing techniques’ to bring us top quality stationary. From pencils and colouring pencils, to sketch books and journal, Derwent has got all your art needs sorted. A firm favourite of my sons (who loves drawing and creating) are these Graphik Line Painters –


Coming presented in a smartly designed buttoned pouch, this five-pen set will help any budding artist to create amazing bright and immensely colourful pieces of art. Even though they are shaped like a pen, these Line Painters flow like paint (not too quickly though!). They make it easy to create splashes as well as fine definition and detail. Your art piece can be unique in every way with the help of these Derwent Line Painters. These Line Painter Pens have a 0.5 Japan nib which is the ideal size for fine details. Do be warned though – once dried, the paint is permanent so be careful of your clothes! The paint does dilute too, making it easy to produce washes and to add layers to your artwork.


This particular Graphik Line Painter Palette 1 (£15.95) contains the following colours –

  • Brickroad #01
  • Tom #03
  • Herring #04
  • Paradise #11
  • Minted #12

More variations of colours are available, each coming in a pack of five. But, for the drawing enthusiast, this box of 20 line painters (£59.95) really could put a smile on their faces Christmas morning! To see the full collection, please visit{beaaa18c7111f78171f7049db4a26534557444383bfe8747491a307dda3fec2c}20painters.



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