Diamonds are Officially British Girls’ Best Friend

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Beautiful jewellery never fails to make a stunning gift– and as research conducted by the UK’s leading online jewellers Gemporia revealed, diamonds are officially British girls’ best friend!

Involving 1866 women aged 18 to 80 across the country, this research revealed that 22% of British women named these sparkling gems as their favourite. Even more popular in Wales (30%), they are closely followed by blue gem Tanzanite (16%) – which came in as #1 in England’s South-West and South. 

Discovered in 1967, the comparatively “new” Tanzanite has quickly grown in popularity among modern celebrities and stars including Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, the Duchess of Cambridge, Beyonce and Anne Hathaway.

Other “close contestants” included:

  • Emerald – 10%
  • Opal – 8%
  • Sapphire – 8%

In London, women respectively made Emerald and Amethyst their 1st and 2nd choice.

Reasons women gave for making their choices included:

  • “Love the colour” – 40%
  • “Classic looks” – 14%
  • “My birthstone” – 12%
  • “Sentimental value” – 8%

While women in Wales and the Midlands placed slightly higher importance on classic attributes, Londoners considered looking glamorous and classic looks to be equally important.

Personalities and Sophisticated Jewellery

The most popular choice (20%) of worldwide individuals most associated with sophisticated jewellery was Elisabeth Taylor. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Other celebrity “jewellery sophistication icons” included Audrey Hepburn, Jackie 0 and Princess Diana; Sophia Loren and Victoria Beckham.

Elisabeth Taylor, Marilyn Munroe & Shirley Bassey came 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in terms of celebrities associated with diamond jewellery, and Kim Kardashian was voted the “Queen of Bling”, with Elisabeth Taylor and Rihanna also frequently mentioned.

Jewellery Spending

The research also asked women how much they would pay for jewellery when buying for themselves and others. For self-gifted jewellery:

  • 50% of women said up to £150
  • 25% said £150 to £300 and
  • More than 10% said £300 to £500

For family or friends’ gifts:

  • 67% answered up to £150
  • Just under 20% answered £150 to £300
  • 6% answered £300 to £500

This suggests shoppers spend up to 47% more on jewellery for themselves than for friends or family members.

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