Discount Supplements ‘New Dad Package’

Discount Supplements New Dad Package - Image showing Box of Clipper Sleep Easy Tea

Discount Supplements ‘New Dad Package’

Looking for a gift for a new dad suffering from lack of sleep? Have a dad who finds it difficult to get to sleep? Help your dad sleep better by treating him to the Discount Supplements ‘New Dad Package’ this Father’s Day.

The ‘New Dad Package’

Not so much a package as individually sold products combined into a neat package for sleepless dads, Discount Supplements ‘New Dad Package’ consists of three products, namely the:

Discount Supplements New Dad Package - Image showing Better You Magnesium Oil Goodnight Sleep SprayBetter You Magnesium Oil Goodnight Sleep Spray, RRP £12.20/100ml bottle. Applied and massaged into the skin about 30 minutes before going to sleep, this spray is designed to ease tension and help your dad relax, while simultaneously helping to replenish his body’s magnesium levels, especially when combined with the Better You Magnesium Flakes.


Discount Supplements New Dad Package - Image showing Better You Magnesium Flakes for the BathBetter You Magnesium Flakes for the Bath, RRP £10.15/1kg bag. Containing mineral salts from the Zechstein seabed (Northern Europe), which is one of the world’s richest sources of magnesium, Better You Magnesium Flakes deliver 12g of elemental magnesium per 100g of flakes.

Replenishing the body’s magnesium resources, these flakes are designed to help maintain skeletal strength; normalise energy production, muscle & psychological functions and balance electrolytes, as well as reducing tiredness & fatigue. The flakes can be added to the bath or a foot bath.

Discount Supplements New Dad Package - Image showing Box of Clipper Sleep Easy TeaClipper Sleep Easy Tea, RRP £1.43/20 bags. Slightly sweetened by natural orange flavouring, this refreshing, distinctive infusion contains chamomile, valerian and cinnamon, as well as a selection of other natural herbs. This naturally caffeine free, herbal tea is designed to soothe, relax and help your dad get a good night’s worth of restful sleep.


My Verdict

Having had the pleasure to try all three of these products, both my husband and I can honestly say that the Better You Magnesium Oil Sleep Spray and the Magnesium Flakes both work very well indeed. Not only do they soothe and relax you, they also help to ease those niggling aches and pains that stop you from going to sleep at night.

Just one little groan: when using the flakes in the bath, instructions on the package recommend using 250g of flakes at a time – meaning you get just 4 baths out of a 1kg bag.

Considering that, for optimal effect, it is recommended to have 2 to 3 magnesium-rich baths a week, this could make regular use rather expensive fun. However, the effect this product had even after just a couple of uses certainly makes it well worth the investment!

As for the Clipper Sleep Easy Tea, well, it is simply delicious and treated both of us to some wonderfully restful nights of sleep – bliss! All said and done, either one of these ‘New Dad Package’ products or a combination of all or some of them will without doubt make a wonderful gift for sleepless dads this Father’s Day. Highly recommended!

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