Dorco Eve 6 Razors

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Dorco Eve 6 Razors

You either save or wax – after a bad waxing experience, I shave!! Usually I grab whichever razor there is at hand, but not anymore. After getting the new Dorco Eve 6 Razor I am a complete convert – this is now my razor of choice!

“Dorco have been experts in shaving technology for over 60 years and are now launching the Dorco EVE 6, their first UK razor for women. Promising some of the best razor technology around, the Dorco EVE 6 has an incredible six blades, split into a unique 3 double blade format to contour to your body shape.  The result?  No more annoying cuts or nicks on those hard to shave places like knee caps.”


Yes, this razor shaves like a dream. The multi-flex flexible head glides over your legs wonderfully. I love the larger head on the Dorco Eve 6, it seems to shave more in one stroke as opposed to my husband’s razor! I have been using this razor now for a few weeks and am really impressed with it. The ergonomic rubber handle makes it comfortable to hold and impossible to slip and cause accidents – I’ve yet to cut myself (which is a miracle for me!). I have recommended this razor to my friends.


The Dorco Eve 6 includes an innovative brush finger to massage the body and raise hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave – and yes, this does actually work – my legs are super smooth!  The moisturising band is filled with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender which helps to calm and protect the most sensitive skin. The benefits of this are stated below –

Vitamin E: Anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits. Moisturises for more vibrant skin

Aloe Vera: Moisturises and soothes sensitive skin, calms allergies and skin irritation

Lavender Extract: Rejuvenates collagen to reveal younger looking skin, relieves any possible skin irritation

Order the NEW Dorco EVE 6 at DORCO’s UK online shop from just RRP £5.09 for 1 handle and 1 blade –  With over 60 years of expertise in offering advanced blade technology, DORCO offers a flexible subscription service on their superior quality razors and replacement blades. Learn more at