Dove DermaSpa Goodness Range

Dove DermaSpa Goodness Range

Doves DermaSpa range offers quality beauty products for very reasonable prices and should be seriously considered as gifts for a special someone at Christmas.

Dove Body Lotion comes in elegantly understated packaging, it feels lovely, is well designed and does suggest a quality product inside. The lotion itself has a lovely light scent and goes on very smoothly – it is particularly noticeable that this is not a greasy lotion but a little does go a long way. The lotion lasts most of the day and should not stain clothing nor does its scent overpower.


Dove Goodness Body Crème – Once again Dove have the knack for making a cooling crème that is beautiful to put on, goes a long way without being oily. It is cool and refreshing with a delicate smell and is a boon for dry skin as it leaves it feeling hydrated and renewed. It makes you feel really pampered and was a particular favourite!


Dove Goodness Hand Crème – As someone who battles dry hands every day this came as a real surprise. Many other hand crème I have used are very quick to dry out, leave a slimy layer on top of the hand and sometimes do not smell very nice. Dove Goodness Hand Crème feels so soothing, soaks in to the skin and leaves my hands feeling smooth and it lasts too!


These products would suit as a little gift hamper and can be purchased at many leading stores and at

They come at a RRP of:

  • DermaSpa Goodness Body Crème – RRP £7.99
  • DermaSpa Goodness Hand Crème – RRP £4.99
  • DermaSpa Goodness Body Lotion – RRP £5.99

More information on Dove products can be obtained at:

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