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Drumond Park Table-Top Games Make for a Fun-Packed Christmas
Have some extra fun with your family this Christmas with Drumond Park’s fantastic range of table-top games.

Pickin’ Chickens Table-Top Game

Featuring a circular spinning base, chicken coops; picture cards, model chickens and a jack-in-the-box-like grinning fox, Pickin’ Chickens is an exciting, fast paced table-top game suitable for 2 to 4 players from the age of 4 upwards. Offering play at two levels for different age groups, the aim is to be the first player to collect four chickens. Supremely tactile, lively and great fun to play, it also helps younger players to quickly grasp the turn-taking concept; learn their colours, practice memory skills and make decisions – all while they are busy saving their precious chickens from the rather sneaky jumping fox. Beautifully designed, offering hours of fun and reasonably priced at an RRP of just £19.99, this game is bound to very quickly become a year-round family favourite.

Crazy Claw Table-Top Game

A scaled-down reminder of ‘grabber’ arcade games, Crazy Claw is a table-top game that promises plenty of fun and a great deal of pandemonium for up to four players aged 5+. The see-through square box is set onto a sturdy base fitted with four paddles. Every player has a collection card that must be filled with three different tokens, which may be found inside the balls once they have been grabbed. One player attempts to grab a ball, while the remaining players pound the paddles to keep the balls inside moving. Everyone takes turns until the first player fills their card and wins. Colourful, action-packed and huge fun, Crazy Claw has an RRP of £22.99 – and it’s well worth it!

Dig In! Table-Top Game

Featuring a bowl filled with 128 beautifully modelled, colourful game pieces (32 different everyday items in 4 different colours each), a chunky timer and cards showing 6 items to be collected, Dig In! looks exceptionally simply, but is quite challenging. Players get just 15 seconds to dig through the bowl with both hands to try and get all the pieces they need to fill their card. If no-one manages to fill their card this way, all players then ‘dig in’ at the same time, using one hand only, until someone fills their card. Dig In! offers two levels of play – one where players must find six pieces in any colour and one where the pieces must be specific colours. Suitable for up to 4 players aged 8 and over, this table-top game is priced at £19.99. Considering the hours of frenetic fun this game will provide, this is a small price to pay indeed.

Stoopido Table-Top Game


Up to 4 players from 8 to 100 can enjoy the intensely silly Stoopido table-top game. The game includes 25 double-sided face pieces; 5 nose clips; 10 ear clips; 4 slap pads, a squeaky ‘Stoopitoot’ and a die showing not numbers, but pictures of a nose, hat and ears, glasses, eyes and the ‘Stoopitoot’. There is also a Stoopido ‘LOSER’ sign. Players start out wearing just red plastic spectacles. The die is rolled and players race to hit their slap pads. First one there gets to choose one of the face pieces to put on any other player. The goal is to be the last player without a full Stoopido face. This whacky, downright hilarious game will set you back £17.99 – and it’s worth it, because your whole family will have a whale of a time with it.

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